Duties Of Migration Agents

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When you plan to relocate internationally, the first thing to start with is 489 visa migration agent in Perth. Agents can be select in your country or of the destination country. but if an Australian migration agent then he must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia. Registered agents have all the knowledge about eligibility for a visa, visa requirements, and procedures. They are responsible to guide and prevent any legal issue during the process. He has all the necessary knowledge and experience to deal with any traps and pitfalls of the visa process. 

What are the duties of agents? 

Agents cannot swift the processing of application but can help to smoothly pass it from all assessments. They are responsible for  

  • To be registered otherwise, it is illegal to give advice until or unless you are registered with MARA 
  • To have a face to face interaction with the client or a brief interview with them to know all the possible visa options available, they are eligible for 
  • On the basis of eligibility criteria, inform the client about the chances they have for the acceptance of visa application 
  • Arrange all the evidence or documents needed before time and ensure that the information provided by them is accurate 
  • Help them in the whole process or even represent their client when needed 
  • Keep themselves up to date about all the changes in legislation regarding the migration policies 

Although visas are expensive, they can be a source to change someone’s life. So to avoid any hurdle during this process, it needs to consult and have a support of the right men. It needs a detailed study about the country where you are planning to move and also about the consultant to get the guidance you need. 

To find a good agent and reliable agent, you can review the registered migration list online or can ask from peers to recommend. A reliable agent will inform you about all the possible circumstances, he will not let you see an only perfect side of the picture just to get some money. He will keep in touch to give feedback, keep track of application and informs you about any changes in related laws. Most importantly if you feel comfortable with him and satisfied that he will help you in any case then it is good to select that one. Good services by an agent can lead to having a long-term relationship with their clients and it also helps them to be in service. 

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