Why New Zealand Is A Perfect For A Vacation

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When people think of travelling abroad, you generally think of Europe, or Asia or even North America but there is a beautiful country that everyone should visit at least once in their life. It belongs to a continent mostly submerged and boasts a rich culture and a beautiful environment. If you are wondering which country this is, well it is New Zealand. Belonging to Continent Zealandia, New Zealand is one of its countries still above the surface of the Ocean. Here are a few reasons why you need to travel there.

The Biodiversity is remarkable

Due to being isolated from any of the country and having been one of the last countries humans settled in to live, New Zealand has a remarkable and rich biodiversity. It was geographically isolated for nearly 80 million years thus most of its animals, fungi and plants are endemic to the country. Tuatara is a reptile endemic to the county and known as the living fossil. The Kiwi bird is unique to the country and is a cultural icon. Furthermore even marine life is amazing; with nearly half the world’s cetaceans being seen or reported to be seen in the country’s waters. 

It won’t empty your wallet
New Zealand is not an expensive country to visit you can get affordable accommodation Wellington CBD or even accommodation is Auckland without stretching your budget. Furthermore public transportation is inexpensive and available. If you wish to rent a vehicle you can do that too and it will cost you just a fraction of what it costs in other developed countries.

The average daily cost is less than 200 New Zealand dollars and it is much lower if you choose hostel accommodation wellington or a cheaper hotel. Furthermore food is relatively cheap too with an entire day’s worth of food costing you less than 20 New Zealand dollars.

The Scenery

Peter Jackson when shooting Lord of the Rings picked New Zealand as the country to depict all the wonderful places of middle earth. A trip to the beautiful country will immediately make you understand his decision. The country is home to the most beautiful scenery in the world. Unspoilt mountains, lush forests and gorgeous beaches and even volcanoes and glaciers, you have them all. And everything is conserved so well therefore what you see is marvelous.

If you enjoy photography or are simply enamored by nature you need to visit new zealand. There is no place quite like it and for the person who loves the beauty of nature, it will be an experience like no other.

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